Verde Eco Bagno 750ml
4,79 €
Ready-to-use cleaner and polisher for daily cleaning of surfaces in bathrooms and WCs, with a lasting scent with Ecolable certification
Verde Eco Disincrostante 1lt
5,41 €
Ready to use strong acid detergent for descaling, degreasing and initial cleaning, does not contain aggressive acidswith Ecolabel certificate
Verde Eco Pavimenti 5c 1lt
10,55 €
Universal concentrated scented detergent for routine maintenance of floors with freshness scent and Ecolabel certificate
Verde Eco Piatti 1lt
4,74 €
Concentrated mild hand dishwashing liquid detergent for dishes, cooking equipment etc with Ecolabel certificate
Verde Eco Sgrassatore Attivo 750ml
4,50 €
Ready-to-use fast degreasing detergent citrus-scented, essential in the kitchen to thoroughly clean worktops and various pieces of equipment, with Ecolabel Certificate
Verde Eco Vetri E Spolvero 750ml
3,78 €
Ready to use detergent for cleaning glass, mirrors and windows and other washable surfaces such as offices, tables, doors, etc with the use of cloth or paper with Ecolabel certificate
4,74 €
Ready to use descaling cleaner for toilet cleaning, the viscous nature and the "angled neck" device enable the product to get into all the awkward areas of the toilet bowl effortlessly, with Ecolabel certificate