2018 Combi Clean with many years of experience, solid foundations and reliable collaborations is ready for the next step. Focused on quality, it starts importing products from Italy and Spain.


2015 Combi Clean's online presence is expanding. Our website is updated, updated and enriched.


2010 The supply of consumables to organizations and companies of all sizes becomes the specialty of Combi Clean. The direct deliveries, the competitive prices and the quality of its products, make it stand out from the competition and acquire the loyal customers - partners.


2009 The internet world welcomes Combi Clean. The first website of the company with over 700 products is in the "air".


2008 Combi Clean offers its know-how and experience to companies and restaurants. Develops cleaning programs based on HACCP and provides solutions to the requirements of every professional and non-professional kitchen.


2006 Collaborations with big companies are expanding. Top Tork company is coming to Combi Clean to stay. It is added to its product range and conquers its customers with the unsurpassed quality of its products.



2005 Combi Clean "moors" in the largest port in the country. It is transferred to its new locations in Piraeus and acquires links with the shipping world.



1997 Reliable solutions for Combi Clean customers require product expertise and in-depth knowledge. That's why its people receive certified training every year.



1995 Combi Clean begins its journey, pioneering at a time when cleaning solutions are limited and unskilled. In its first store, based in Agia Paraskevi, it trades high quality professional cleaning products. The focus on quality is the characteristic that follows it from its first steps.